Do I need a Digital Business Card ?

Paper business cards are too traditional and old now. We offer you the exciting arena of World Digital Cards, where you can connect to anyone, anytime, through any mode of contact!

It is Eco-friendly.

With the devastating rate of environmental degradation in the world, everyone needs to do conserve paper whenever and wherever they can. We, at World Digital Card, provide an opportunity for you to do the same, with our eco-friendly Business Cards!

Click, Call and Business!

Your World Digital Card provides a mobile number link for your recipients, who need to just click, and you now have a prospective client calling you!

Integrating all social media platforms at one touch point.

With your World Digital Card, your customers don’t need to go to a website or a link to go through your social media platforms. It’s all available here, just a click away!

Lead Capture Form.

A popup button will be provided on your World Digital Card, which will allow the customers to send an online enquiry through a form. No hassle of calling or sending an email! You will get a lead, instantly!

Navigation to your Store or Physical Location.

Your World Digital Card will be linked to Google Maps. In this era of technology, everyone wants to navigate through the web! This feature will help your customers achieve that ease of reaching you personally

Recipients can Save your Contact!

With the ‘Save to contacts’ button on your World Digital Card, your customers need not copy your contact number and save it to their phones. They just need to CLICK the button, and your contact is straightaway saved in their phone book!

Send WorldDigitalCard by Whatsapp and Email.

Customers can send a WhatsApp message or an email to you directly through your World Digital Card, without any trouble of copying and composing the email-id or the number!

It is Cost effective.

The best benefit of this World Digital Card is the amount of money you are saving. No extravagant money has to be spent on printing your personal business cards!

Business Card QR Code.

By scanning this QR code on your mobile phones, in just a minute, you can directly access the profile link on the World Digital Card! No more trouble of typing the online link, or searching for the profile!

Interactive Dashboard.

This panel facilitates the user to administer and manage his profile. The user can update and make changes to his profile, including any changes in contact information, gallery and team pictures etc. You can even download your QR code, which you can then print and place it at your retail outlet or office.