About Us

Powered by SIB Infotech, a leading company in Mumbai which provides services such as web creation and development, the ‘World Digital Card’ allows you to create a digital business card which is accessible to everyone, helps extend your reach, and drive traffic to your social media pages, by adding social links to your Digital Card. The Card is in-built with a responsive design which facilitates viewing on mobile devices. Not only does it provide an innovative way to manage your professional contacts, but also can be shared instantly, and empowers you to take control of the information that your key business contacts have about you.

We have had multiple visitors and clients tell us that they are “tempted” to create a card as soon as they open our website. It enables sharing contact details, social media details, multiple photos, website link, all together, through one simple card.

Along with being accessible all day around on your mobile phone, and on your laptop, this card also makes it easier for your prospective clients to save your contact, send an enquiry, check out your website, multiple social media pages, and consequently, form a business deal with you in just a few clicks.

This one-of-a-kind Business Card, gives you COMPLETE authority over your card, where you can keep updating your details, ranging from the photos in the gallery, to the company details, new services your company offers, and even any new clients that you may have acquired recently.